Hawk Jr

The Hawksby name appeared at the Oswego Speedway for the first time in 1977 when Joe Hawksby, Sr. began racing a Supermodified. Since then the Hawksby name has been become synonymous with Supermodified racing and the Oswego Speedway.

Joe Sr. raced for 20 years when, in 1977, he gave up the driver's seat to his son, Joe Jr. Joey, as the younger Hawksby is known, was not content with just racing Supermodifieds and in 2000 built his first Supermodified from the ground up.

While racing and building cars, Joey also found time to go to college. He graduated from Onondaga Community College in 2003 with an Associate Bachelor's degree in engineering. In 2005 he received his Bachelor's Degree in Engineering Technology from                                          SUNY Oswego.

Putting that knowledge to work, Joey decided to put together a new design Supermodified. The Hawk Jr. prototype had been fast, but needed some tweeking. In 2004 the first of the new design Hawk Jr. Supermodified debuted and became an instant winner. All of a sudden it seemed as if everyone wanted one of the new Hawk Jr. chassis. The Hawk Jr. became so successful that in 2005 Joe Jr. gave up driving to concentrate on building and designing Supermodifieds. Since the first of the new design Hawk Jr. cars debuted in 2004 it has won over 50 Supermodified features, five consecutive Oswego Speedway Track Championships, and four out of five International Classics. And it doesn't look as if it will stop there. In 2010 the Hawk Jr. Supermodified leads the point chase, and is the car to beat in the International Classic.

The Hawk Jr. trademark doesn't just appear on Supermodifieds. In 2010 Hawk Jr. debuted a removable head rest which can be used on all types of race cars. The new removable head rest is beinh hailed as a great safety innovation. In today's race cars the cockpit is very small and the seats quite confining. They are safer that way, but it makes it more difficult to get a driver out in case of a serious injury or rollover. The new Hawk Jr. removable head rest makes it much easier to safety crews to get to and remove a driver if necessary.